Libriomancer - Jim C. Hines I expected a fun, light, nostalgia-filled book and Libriomancer delivered. Not that there weren't disappointment, first amonthe them that authors aren't forced to click yes and enter the name of three novels that effectively use first person narration before being allowed to publish a book written in first person. Not that Isaac loses his personality completely like many 1st person narrators, but he swings a little too far the other way into Harry Dresden territory--and I could be biased having recently finished the fourteenth book of The Dresden Files and vowing that I was done living inside Dresden's head even for the 20 hours it takes to listen to the audiobook.

The plot also took a while to hit its stride, but about 60% through the book it really got going.

In the end, I loved a lot of things about the book, but most of all I loved Lena Greenwood, the complicated and wonderful nymph (literally) who transcends being the love interest to steal the show (and who you can read more about here).